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Website filing diary


Preparing for Initial Review#

Aliyun Filing Website

After renewing the ECS cloud server on Aliyun for three months, the domain filing work officially began. After filling out the basic information and uploading three necessary documents, the filing entered the waiting period for initial review.

The three necessary documents are: verification form, front and back photos of ID card, and domain certificate.


(2:27 update)

It seems that only port 80 needs to be filed for using Aliyun's ECS. It seems that my entire website with HTTPS can be accessed directly... Filing doesn't seem to be necessary. But since I've already started, I'll continue and wait for the initial review to pass.

(12:47 update)

I received a call from Aliyun at 9 o'clock in the morning to confirm the basic information, and the initial review passed.

There was a small problem here. The verification form was initially signed on the computer and not printed. The Aliyun staff reminded me that I must print it out, sign it by hand, and then take a photo to upload it. After that, I sent the photo to the email address provided by them, and we proceeded to the next step.


Applying for Backdrop and Taking Photos#

On Aliyun, you can directly apply for a free backdrop to be mailed to you, and then you can take photos and upload them.

(The browser cleared the filled-in street information when submitting, so I have contacted Aliyun customer service to request a modification)

(16:16 update)

Because I was in class, Aliyun called me three times but I couldn't answer, so the first backdrop application failed. However, due to this reason, I can apply again. There were no problems the second time, and I received a notification of successful application.


(18:15 update)

I received a notification of the tracking number from Aliyun's delivery. Now I just have to wait for the delivery. I optimistically estimate that the delivery will arrive tomorrow.


(11:20 update)

I received a text message from the delivery center, and I will go pick it up after class in the afternoon.

(16:10 update)

I received the delivery and asked a friend to help take photos. The official requirements are as follows:


I took photos according to the official requirements, and after successfully uploading them, I am waiting for the review.


Submitting for Bureau Review#

(17:02 update)

Aliyun's review is complete, and now I will submit it to the Communications Administration Bureau for certification. However, it is estimated to take 16 days???



(17:30 update)

It has been seven days, and still no news. I'll wait a little longer.


(21:12 update) Finally! The filing is approved!

I received a call and email from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at 4:50 in the afternoon, and the information was synchronized at 6:30 in the evening.


It took a total of 13 days to complete the ICP filing. Since it was my first filing, Aliyun extended my ECS server for 13 days, which is the duration of the filing. This is quite good.

Next, I will apply for the Public Security filing.

(22:40 update) The application for Public Security filing has been submitted, and I am waiting for the review.



(17:52 update) In the afternoon, I happened to search online and found that some people said that students should not use their school address for filing, otherwise it will not be approved. So I immediately went to change the filing information, and sure enough, it was approved in just over two hours.

Now, I just need to deploy the icon and filing number on the official website, as shown in the figure below.


Now, this website has completed the ICP filing and Public Security filing.

This matter is now considered complete.

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