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My Friends#

imageTDEHTiger Does Not Eat HumansLiving to Change the World
imageEdisoncghEdison's BlogEnjoy Coding Life
image戴兜戴兜的小屋Finding Myself in the Lost
imageTonyHeTonyHeJust A Poor Lifesinger
image藤海凛诚藤海凛诚Giving the Weak a Heart of Iron
imageLeoLeo's StationA Technical Blog of a Scum
image北熙北熙宝宝Beixi Baby
image摩尔Mole's TownA Wonderful Little World
imageMoeyyMengwai's BlogMengwai's Little Blog
imageSkyBlondSky BlondNameless Station
imageDaviceDaviceA Simple Blog
image探索子ExplorerExplore, Think, Share
imageShiroShiroA Novice's Random Mess

You can leave a message directly on this page or send an email to i@ratodo.com for link exchange.

The purpose of link exchange is to make friends, and I hope we can visit and interact with each other for a long time~

Although it's just a small site, I still hope you can meet the following requirements:

  • Non-free domain, supports HTTPS access

  • Blog websites only, no resource sites, commercial sites, etc.

  • No violent or politically sensitive content, comply with relevant laws and regulations in mainland China

  • Running for more than 30 days and able to provide a link display page that is close to equivalent.

Ownership of this page data is guaranteed by blockchain and smart contracts to the creator alone.