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About Me#

A working dog who has been graduated for more than three years, with no relevance between my major and work...

During my university years, I gradually built this website step by step. Although the website architecture has been changed many times and many things have been lost, I still hope to continue maintaining the website in the future.



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Contact Me#

You can contact me through the following methods:

Email: i@ratodo.com

Telegram: @ratodo

Website Building Process#

I started building the website in early 2018, and the domain name was registered at that time.

At first, I used a free GCP and Wordpress to build the website, but because I encountered too many problems that couldn't be solved, and I lost interest quickly, the website was closed soon.

Maybe because I didn't do anything meaningful during my university years, the idea of building a website slowly emerged again. I initially chose DigitalOcean as the server, but because the servers were all overseas, the latency was high and the performance was unstable. The network connection was terrible. Later, I switched to Amazon LightSail, but the operation, latency, and performance were not very good either. Although the price of $5 per month was very affordable, I still gave up.

In the end, I chose Alibaba Cloud, a giant in the industry. It is easy to operate, has all the necessary functions, and has good latency in China. The only troublesome part is that I need to go through the filing process for domestic use. After a period of time, I successfully completed the filing.

In early 2020, due to the pandemic, I was bored at home and changed to the current domain name, abandoning the original one.

After starting work, I became lazier and didn't have as much time to tinker with the blog as I did during my university years. I basically didn't update it much. But now it seems like a hobby worth continuing, so I started using it again.

Currently, I am using the xLog blog system, and I will gradually optimize it in the future~

Final Words#

The purpose of building this website is to write about things I am interested in, to make it my own tree hole, my own little space, and I hope the content can help you as well.

During the process of building the website, I have also met several interesting friends. I welcome everyone to contact me for mutual communication.

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