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Spotify Premium Discount Guide


Currently, the website has taken down related projects and this method has expired. It is recommended to join the Filipino family group or other regional family groups.

Spotify is a relatively niche software in China, but it is well-known globally. In the domestic network environment, it can be directly connected and is reasonably practical. When logging in, it requires **, and functions such as listening to music can be used normally, depending on the actual network environment.


The limitations of Spotify Free Account are significant, such as limited song skips, advertisements, and the need to log in with the IP of the respective region every 14 days. On mobile devices, it is even unable to manually select songs and play in the background. On the other hand, Premium Account has no restrictions. Correspondingly, the official Spotify Premium price is relatively high, but Spotify's clean interface, extensive music library, and powerful recommendation algorithm are still very attractive.

People who are familiar with Spotify should know about the family plan, where the cost is shared among six people. In the Hong Kong region, it costs about 15 RMB per month. The family group membership plans sold on Taobao are similar in price to the official plans. There is also a cheaper method to purchase Spotify membership, which will be briefly explained below.

This method is not from the official Spotify, but from a Russian website called plati.market. The seller provides a six-month guarantee, and the cost is around 25 RMB. It has good stability and so far, there haven't been any issues.

Personal Usage and Feedback#

2020-10-14 || According to comments, the cost-effectiveness of this method is currently low, and it is difficult to join a family group. It is not recommended to use this method.

2020-8-15 || Alipay payment has been restored.

2020-5-11 || Before purchasing, you can ask the seller if they have stock in your preferred regions.

2020-4-4 || The price of Spotify membership on the website is currently around $3. Please check the real-time price before making a decision. Additionally, I obtained a 5% discount from the seller. You can use the discount code below. If you encounter any problems after purchasing, please contact the seller immediately.

2020-3-21 || The price for Alipay payment is currently around 18 RMB. According to feedback in the comments, it is recommended to use an IP from the country you are in to accept the invitation. In addition, if you encounter any problems, please contact the seller first. The seller will handle most issues (there is a time difference between China and Russia, so please be patient), or you can leave a message for discussion.

2020-3-8 || So far, everything is working fine. I haven't changed the family group or lost Premium eligibility. It is safe to use.

2019-11-9 || It has been stable for four months now, without any issues or changing the family group. The Spotify memberships on this website now only provide a six-month guarantee. Whether it is worth it or not is up to personal consideration.

2019-7-13 || Official start date.


For cumulative purchases with the same email, if the total amount exceeds $5, the discount rate for subsequent purchases is 5%; if it exceeds $10, the discount rate is 6%; if it exceeds $15, the discount rate is 10%. When making a purchase, a verification code will be sent to the email for validation. After each purchase, a discount code (5% OFF) will be provided.

32E8BFD2A29241F1 is the 5% discount code I received from the seller, and it is valid until 2020/06/04.

Purchase Process#

Open this shopping website plati.market. Since it is a Russian website, it may load slowly. Please be patient. After entering, the details page will appear, and you can purchase Spotify Premium. The screenshots below show the prices for reference only. The actual prices may fluctuate, so please refer to the price displayed in the purchase box or during payment.



After clicking on the link, the purchase page will appear. This website supports payment methods such as Alipay and Unionpay, which are user-friendly for Chinese users. It is recommended to use Alipay and avoid methods that require entering a large amount of information.

Before making the payment, read the seller's description and notes carefully. I have roughly translated them below for your reference.

Please read before purchasing!

  1. This is a Spotify Premium family invitation.

  2. The monthly subscription price on the official Spotify website is $10. You will pay less than this amount per month.

  3. With this method, each account can only upgrade twice a year. Therefore, when you cannot change the family group, you will have to use a new account to join.

  4. Replacements are unlimited during the warranty period.

  5. You may need to message me every month so that I can update your account with a new code.

  6. By purchasing, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed.

If you think everything is fine after understanding the above, you can proceed with the payment. Be cautious when filling in the account email before making the payment, as all related information will be sent to this email. It is recommended to use Gmail, Outlook, or similar email services.

You can communicate with the seller online to inform them of the region you want. Product details page.

The available regions to choose from are: Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Singapore, Canada, Germany, etc.


It is recommended to communicate with the seller first and inquire about the available regions. Once both parties have confirmed, you can place an order. You can also directly click on the BUY button to make a purchase, and it will automatically redirect to the plati.market website for payment. Remember to use the discount code.

After completing the payment, you will be redirected to the digiseller.market website. All communication with the seller will be done on this website. You will receive email notifications whenever the seller replies or leaves a message, so you don't have to wait online all the time.

Based on current observations, the seller has a good attitude and responds relatively quickly when online. Due to the time difference (-5 hours), it is recommended to perform the operation in the afternoon or evening to save waiting time.

The seller has also prepared a small tool called "BONUS" inside. Feel free to explore it~

Post-Purchase Notes:

Thank you for your purchase. Your order will be sent within 8 hours, but usually within 2 hours.

After receiving the Spotify invitation, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Spotify account first.

  2. Click on the link sent to you.

  3. Enter the complete address (please enter our address).

  4. Click the confirmation button. If the invitation for your country/region is not available, change your country/region method (be sure to use the IP of this country/region) and log in to your account page on the Spotify website. Select "Account overview" from the left panel. Click "Edit Profile" and then click "Country". Choose the country/region you want to move your account to.


Below are some steps after clicking the invitation link. Please refer to them and it is recommended to use the IP of your region to join.


Here, choose to manually enter the address and input the address sent by the seller. Confirm to proceed. Family Mix is a collection of frequently listened songs by family group members. You can choose to join or not.




The prices for Spotify memberships on this platform start from $3. The seller mentioned that this is a requirement of the platform. Fortunately, the seller provides good service, so if any issues arise, be sure to contact the seller.

This is another new attempt, with the price being almost half of what I previously paid. It is not a loss for one month and a significant gain for two months. It was unexpected to be able to request a family group in the US region. It feels a bit like selecting a region on Taobao.

To be honest, I bought this membership with a trial mentality. After all, if I were to join a family group, a monthly family group in the Japanese region on Taobao would cost 20 RMB per month. The region I received is Canada, but the difference in music library is not significant and is within an acceptable range.

After all, it's only 20 RMB, and if it can be used for a month, it's already a good deal (because I have only used it for less than a month, I don't know about its stability yet, but according to some posts, some people have used it for a year without any issues).

Furthermore, I only provide recommendations and answers within my capabilities. Please be aware of the potential risks before making a purchase.

Finally, feel free to share your playlists~

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