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New Year Outlook 2024

In the blink of an eye, it's already 2024. This past year has brought many gains and losses. In the post-pandemic era, with a certain amount of luck, I entered a completely unfamiliar industry and started from scratch. Fortunately, with the support of colleagues and friends, this year has been relatively smooth.

During this year, I met someone very special. From him, I have learned things that I had never understood before. I gradually gained encouragement and affirmation for myself, and I gradually opened up and became more outgoing, following his emotions and establishing connections with more people. I am very grateful to him for this year.

As someone who likes to plan, I hope that things can go according to my plans. However, the plans I make are rarely able to be consistently executed. Nevertheless, let's make a small plan for the upcoming 2024.

  • Daily Japanese language learning challenge
  • Daily ten o'clock calendar audiobook listening
  • Monthly blog content updates
  • Avoid shallow mechanical thinking and strive for deep thinking

Let's leave behind the people and things that were disliked and troublesome in 2023. In the upcoming 2024, I hope to become a person who thinks and understands what I am doing and what I want.

Finally, I wish everyone a safe and smooth 2024.

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